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Test your browser settings

The paragraphs below will test your browser to ensure it is compatible with ProjNet. If any of these tests fail, you will not be able to use ProjNet applications. The ProjNet Help Desk can assist you, if your local computer support staff is not available.

Broadband Connection: Required for File upload/download. Large attachments and drawing files may be transfered but your access is limited by bandwidth. Particularly bad are Corporate networks that throttle bandwidth often less than diap-up. Cable/modem or DSL will have good performance. To test your connection, click here.

Java Script Required: Look for a green box of text below this line. If the message "Your browser correctly supports Java Script." is not found, then your browser is not correctly configured.

Session Management: To use ProjNet applications your browser must have 'session management' enabled. When you loaded this page the program ran a test to determine if your browser has correctly enabled this setting. Please see the message below to determine if your browser's session management setting is correct.

Sufficient Screen Resolution: Your browser is currently set to

You also need to have your browser open large enough to see the red "SBU" at the bottom.

Refresh Page Data: Many user's browsers are configured to cache local versions of web pages. Since ProjNet data can change every time you come to the site you should not be using locally cached versions of ProjNet pages. If you need help with this item, please contact the Help Desk. To verify this setting manually in Internet Explorer, go to the Tools -> Internet Options menu. In the area marked Temp. Internet Files select the Settings button. The option should be set to refresh on every view of the page.

Adequate Temporary Internet Cache Even with cookies enabled your browser must have hard disk space allocated to save the values. To Check this value in Internet Explorer go to Tools -> Internet Options. Under the area marked Temp. Internet Files choose the 'Settings' button. This page will show you how much space you have allocated for your cache. Typically any amount over 128MB should be more than adequate to work within ProjNet.

Add ProjNet as an IE Favorite: Left click ProjNet - the Project Extranet to add to your favorites list.